There’s been a problem with sewer pipes that’s been with us since, well, pretty much the advent of sewer pipes. The problem is that they’re extremely difficult to access, being underground and all. You might have a damaged section of pipe that needs repair, but to repair it using traditional means you’d need to excavate a lot of earth, get to the section of pipe, pull it out, and replace it. That’s not the most economically viable option, as you can imagine because you might need heavy machinery to pull it off. CIPP sewer lining is the solution to this problem and it’s one of many technologies in the rapidly growing field of trenchless technology.

CIPP stands for cured-in-place piping. The piping itself will be made of one of a host of different materials: fibreglass cloth, polyester, or any other material that can be saturated with resin. The replacement piping is then forced through the damaged pipe using air pressure. When this process is complete, the replacement piping’s outer wall is covered in resin, with the resin touching the inner wall of the damaged pipe.

Here’s where the “cured-in-place” part comes in. Depending on the nature of the piping and the resin, a number of different techniques might be used to cure it –  it might be hot water, steam, or even ultraviolet light. During the curing process, the sticky resin on the outer wall begins to harden and bond with the damaged pipe and you end up with piping that’s just as good as an undamaged pipe because the resin adheres very tightly.

CIPP and other trenchless technologies are some of the most exciting innovations happening in the world right now. Leveraging existing infrastructure instead of opting for wholesale replacement causes far less disruption for homeowners. When it’s used for commercial or industrial purposes, it creates less havoc for road traffic, less time excavating, and, potentially, far less expense than you’d see with typical trench technology. We hope to see this type of technology continue to grow. We can foresee uses later on that would seriously decrease the environmental impacts that digging up whole sections of land would otherwise cause.

While the grand philosophy of trenchless technology is exciting, CIPP can easily help you in your home. When you have a damaged sewer line, this technology will save you time, can save you money, and will save you headaches – at least, if you’re not fond of seeing your yard torn up by excavators. We’re a certified Perma-Liner installer – Perma-Liner is one of the best CIPP technologies on the market. No matter what your plumbing needs are you can trust your professional plumbers in Albuquerque to find the best, most cost-efficient, least disruptive solution, so you and your family can go back to living your best lives. Whenever a new technology can help us make that happen, you can be sure we’ve adopted it.