Managing the sewer lines in your home or business is a necessary task. When something is amiss, you must think about whether you would like to reline your existing system or replace it entirely. Many people are now opting to use the new technology available to reline their pipes with great success. 

There are many advantages to using this new technology to reline sewer pipes versus replacement. If you think that you might need to make this decision soon, you should be prepared with some of the potential benefits of having a professional reline your sewer pipes. 

Financial Savings

First and foremost, the reason that many people choose to reline over replacement is due to financial savings. The work required to reline your sewer pipes is substantially reduced compared to replacement. Professional plumbers do not have to operate the same heavy machinery or perform the manual labour necessary to expose your existing system. Overall, this allows the process to move much more quickly and can typically be performed at a reduced rate.  

Less Disruption to the Property

Are you worried about having your property torn up in the process? Excavation is necessary for a full replacement. Your landscaping will take a terrible hit if the lines have to be dug up for a full sewer line replacement. Curb appeal falls by the wayside when this type of work is performed on your home or business. Many property owners will opt to pay for landscaping services following this type of work so that they can quickly regrow their grass or repair damaged plants. This only increases the cost of the work completed. 

Limited Areas

When replacing sewer pipes, it is often required to replace the entire length of the piping. Relining presents the opportunity to line only the section that is affected or needs attention. It can structurally improve your pipes regardless of the bends or angles that are in these difficult areas. It an effective method to cut back on the potential costs since you can pay only for the areas that need to be addressed. 

More Durable

Choosing to reline your existing sewer lines improves the durability of your pipes. You are adding an extremely durable resin pipe to the interior of your existing pipe, thus reinforcing the entire structure. Even the joints and other typically weak areas will be strengthened by this relining process. 

Quicker Turnaround Time

Time is of the essence when you need a major home repair made. Fortunately, relining your sewer pipes allows you to move on to the next project much faster than replacement. Plumbing companies are able to complete more jobs in less time by relining sewer pipes versus replacement. If you are concerned about the potential installation time, relining your pipes is likely the way to go. 

Making the Final Decision

When you need to make a major decision regarding your sewer line repair, make sure that you are contacting the professionals. At Dub-L-EE Construction, we can help you make the choice that is right for your home. Give us a call today to discuss relining your sewer lines!