Water main leaks are really bad. They can cause damage to your home and yard, and they can cost a lot – especially here in Albuquerque, where water waste fines can add up really quickly. Your water main is the line that goes from the city’s water to your home, so a water main leak will affect the water in your entire home. As a rule of thumb, when it’s one fixture having a problem, it’s probably in the pipes leading to that fixture. But when all your fixtures are having problems, it’s probably your water main.

You Have A High Water Bill

When your water bill is abnormally high but your daily life hasn’t changed, it could be a sign that you have a water main leak. In places like Albuquerque, you might also be alerted by the utility about potential water waste. The cause is likely to be your water main if you haven’t noticed any leaks in the rest of your home or if the increase to your water bill is quite steep.

You’ve Got Low Water Pressure

When one fixture has low water pressure, it’s probably the fixture. When they all do, it’s probably your water main. Remember, the main supplies all the water to the rest of your home and a leak will mean less pressure in the main, which leads to less pressure everywhere else. 

You Have Discolored Water

When there’s a leak, there’s some type of rupture in the structure of the pipe. Sediment can flow into the pipe through that rupture and that will change the color of the rest of your water. Depending on where your water main is located, that sediment can even be dangerous, leeching hazardous chemicals from your yard into your water. 

There Are Wet Spots In Your Yard

Your water main runs through your yard, so when there’s a leak it’s not unlikely that water will start spilling out into your yard. When this occurs, you can get wet spots. Worse yet, some of these spots can become so wet that sinkholes will form, creating hazards in your yard.

Your Foundation Cracks

This is one of the worst consequences of a leaking water main and it happens for reasons similar to the sinkholes in your yard. When a water main leak is near your house, it wets the soil surrounding your foundation, causing the foundation to shift and potentially crack.

As you can see, the consequences of a water main leak are diverse and problematic. Your finances and physical health can be at risk when a water main is leaking. Fortunately, these leaks can be relatively simple to fix, and with our new plumbing technology, they can often be fixed without having to dig up any of your yard. Call your plumbing contractors in Albuquerque and we’ll find where the leak is and get it fixed – fast.