Commercial Construction Company In Albuquerque Hosts Annual Safety Day

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Dub-L-EE Construction, an Albuquerque-based commercial contracting, plumbing, and remodeling company, is preparing to host its annual Safety Day. During this event, the entire company gathers to learn more about safe practices in the construction industry. Safety is always a priority in the commercial construction industry. Unsafe working conditions or hazardous practices can lead to bodily injury, customer dissatisfaction, and harm to a company’s reputation. Workplaces can avoid accidents and prevent dangerous issues through better training and education.  Safe work is an ongoing process in the construction industry where [...]

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Supported Scaffolding Types & When They Should Be Used

With all the high-rises and tall buildings around us, you have to stop and wonder how they got that high. At one point or another, you’ve seen scaffolds erected on construction sites during a build. While many people are used to seeing the traditional scaffolding used to aid workers on a construction job, there are different types of scaffolds for specific purposes.  But how do you differentiate between other scaffolding types? Let’s have a look:  What Is a Scaffold? First, let’s go over what a scaffold is. According to [...]

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Different Foundation Types & When To Use Them

When it comes to the success of a building, everything hinges on the foundation. It is a firm base for the rest of the construction process. However, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the proper foundation. There are several different types to choose from, depending on the unique application.    How do you know which type of foundation your new building may need? Let’s take a closer look at the different types and when each one should be used to have a [...]

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6 Simple Upgrades To Make Your Warehouse More Eco-Friendly

Is your business thinking about ways that it can minimize its impact on the environment? Making changes to your warehouse might be a great place to start if you’re determined to make a big difference quickly. Fortunately, there are a few very simple upgrades you can make in your warehouse and the way it runs if you want to be more eco-friendly.    What can you do to improve your warehouse and make it better for the environment? Here are six simple tips to help you get started!  Invest [...]

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How Remodeling Your Commercial Property Can Attract New Customers

Is your commercial property in need of a major update? While a remodel can be great for you and your employees, it also holds a lot of promise when it comes to bringing in new customers. A simple remodel can be advertised to your customer base and may encourage more people to frequent your brick-and-mortar establishment.    For more ideas related to how remodeling can attract new customers, here’s what you should know:  More Economical Updates If you’ve had your property for a long time, chances are that you [...]

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How To Identify Concrete Cancer

Take a closer look at the concrete exterior of your building. Do you see any cracks? You may be wondering if it’s just wearing down or if the issue runs deeper. You may be seeing signs of concrete cancer.  As durable as concrete structures are, the material relies on waterproofing. Water corrodes concrete. When moisture seeps into the concrete surface, it compromises the structural integrity of your building and causes concrete cancer. This issue is best fixed sooner than later. Left untreated, things will get much worse (and fast).  [...]

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Installing Commercial Boilers

How do you keep your employees and customers warm during the winter months? If you’re having problems keeping everyone toasty and comfortable, it might be time to consider installing a commercial boiler. These units are very powerful and can help you save money on your heating costs.  For more information on what you need for a commercial boiler, who can help you, and when it’s time to upgrade, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know!  What You Need To Have a Commercial Boiler Installed Before [...]

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Construction Planning Stages

Are you curious about how the construction process is going to go for your new home or business location? It can feel overwhelming at first as you consider all of the steps that need to happen for you to officially move into your new space. Understanding the construction process gives you a framework for what to expect from your pending project.  If you want to know how the construction process will go, these stages are common to just about every job:  Planning & Initial Meetings One of the most [...]

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The Importance Of Treating Sewer Line Repairs Early

 Are you experiencing some signs and symptoms that your sewer lines may need to be repaired? When you start to experience issues with your sewer, it is important to call the professionals as soon as possible. There are some unique risks that you may face with damaged sewer lines, and they need to be treated seriously. Here are just a few of the reasons you will want to treat sewer line repairs as early as possible:  Health RisksPerhaps the first and largest concern when you have an issue with your sewer lines [...]

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Preparation Guide For Your Next Commercial Renovation

You might be eager to get started on your next commercial renovation, but it helps to slow down and ensure that everything is in proper order first. A commercial renovation is a huge undertaking that should be handled by professionals for the best outcomes. DUB-L-EE has the experience you need to tackle your current project, but here are a few things you can do to start preparing.  Set A Budget How much can your business afford to spend on the upcoming renovation? Before you can start selecting new flooring, [...]

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