As the gravelly-voiced poet of America, Tom Waits, once said: “There’s a world going on underground”. 

Beneath the concrete and steel you see everyday, there’s a whole maze of pipes and cables. Underground utilities are like the veins, bowels, and nerves of our society – hidden away from sight, keeping everything running. 

Utility contractors, sometimes called underground utility contractors, are the people who keep everything running smoothly. They diagnose problems, repair broken lines, and install new ones. They’re plumbers, electricians, gas pipeline specialists, and contractors. When something goes wrong underground, they’re who you need to call.

What do utility contractors do?

Utility contractors do all sorts of work for all types of customers – though they’re commonly associated with commercial and industrial projects. Basically, if there’s work to be done underground on pipes, cables, power lines, or any other type of utility, utility contractors are the people to hire.

This means their work can consist of installation or repair. They’re commonly employed during new construction projects to install all of the underground utilities that will be used by the building being constructed. 

Why qualified utility contractors are so important

As you can imagine, utility construction is dangerous work. There are untold miles of utilities running through every city. In fact, in the United States, there are over 2 million miles of gas pipelines alone. Damage to sewer pipes, gas lines, and power lines can not only delay a project – it can cause serious injury or even death. 

None of the above is acceptable at any safe work site. If you want a construction project to be completed on time while keeping everyone’s health in mind, you need qualified utility contractors.

Of course, this goes for other projects, too – anytime you need trenched repairs to a utility, you’ll need a qualified utility contractor to ensure that the repairs go smoothly, with no damage to surrounding utilities. 

Choose Dub-L-EE

We’re a general contractor who specializes in utility contracting. The father-son team of Eddy and Eddy (where we get the EEs in our name from) both started their careers in underground utilities, and have decades of experience working with gas pipelines and plumbing. 

We’ve done extensive contracting work for all kinds of important and interesting projects. Take, for example, the A.R.T. – there was a lot of steel, gas pipelines underground that we worked with to complete the Rapid Transit line. Our experience with underground utilities makes us an obvious choice for anyone who wants to ensure their project is done on time, with safety as a top priority.

So, if you’re looking for commercial utility contractors in Albuquerque, get in touch with us! We can help you with any residential concerns, too – if it’s happening underground, Dub-L-EE is the name to remember.