There are a lot of circumstances in which hot water tank replacement isn’t necessary. When you find the water is too cool, you may simply need to increase the temperature (though be careful not to exceed what’s safe), or you may need to replace the thermostat or the heating element. In many cases, however, water tank replacement is a good idea and here at the biggest reasons why:

Your Water Tank is Old

At a certain point in time, repairs stop being a viable option for your water heater; things will just keep breaking down and it’s a better investment to just buy a new unit. For most gas water heaters over ten years old, replacement is usually a better bet than repair. Electric heaters will often last a couple of years longer, while tankless heaters can last more than 20 years – more on those later.

Old water heaters are less efficient. They were built before the most modern units, and heating and cooling technology has improved pretty drastically after decades. The second reason is that wear and tear inevitably decreases the efficiency of any unit with moving parts – water heaters are no exception.

Your Water Heater Can’t Be Repaired

There are times where your heater can’t be repaired and times that not repairing it can be exceptionally dangerous. You should always be looking for leaks around your water heater; these are a sign that the pressure is too high and that the tank could explode. You should also listen for unusual noises inside the heater; these are a sign that sediment has built up in the unit. You should schedule regular maintenance for your heater to avoid sediment buildup – if your water is hard, you should do this at least twice a year, while yearly maintenance will do for a heater with relatively soft water. Damage to the tank itself can mean replacement is necessary. Water that looks rusty is yet another sign that you need a replacement – it means the tank has likely begun to corrode, which compromises it’s integrity.

You Want a More Economical System

As mentioned previously, water heaters are getting much more efficient; tankless water heaters are more expensive upfront, but they heat water as you need it, which makes them much more efficient and less prone to problems. That’s why they have a much longer lifespan! Gas heaters have become more efficient, too, and electric heaters are viable in some places. All of these options mean that you can save a lot on your utility bill, and over time, those savings can be worth as much as the cost of a newer model. 

When you’re unsure as to whether or not you should get a new water heater, and you don’t know which model to get if you do want a replacement, get in touch with us. We can tell you whether or not repair is viable, and if it’s not, we can help you find a water heater that perfectly suits your needs.