Before we begin, it’s important to note that there’s never a good time to flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet. Flushing down grease and fats can clog your drain. Flushing wipes down your toilet will do the same. Yes, even the wipes that say “flushable” shouldn’t be sent down your toilet.

We might not normally be inclined to make this public service announcement, but it seems particularly important given our current circumstances. Lately, we’ve been seeing and hearing stories about toilet paper running out in stores across the city. This can prompt people to panic and buy wipes that they then proceed to flush down the toilet. 

There’s added importance to not using wipes in our current circumstances; many people might turn to wipes to replace toilet paper. When there’s an influx of people using wipes, a number of those wipes will end up in the sewer system. When there’s too many wipes in the septic or city sewer system, they cause problems.  Wipes don’t dissolve in water the same way toilet paper does. Think a clog in your bathroom is bad? Imagine a clog in an integral part of your septic system or a city’s sewer system.

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