There’s something of an obvious answer to the question posed in the title: if you own a business, and you’re looking for plumbing solutions, you should hire a commercial plumber.

The more pressing questions: what are the advantages of a commercial plumber over a residential plumber, and in what circumstances might you need to hire a commercial plumber? We’ll answer both of these questions – right now.

Residential vs. commercial plumber

Again, there’s a pretty straightforward distinction here: residential plumbers are trained in solving residential plumbing problems, while commercial plumbers are trained to handle the (often more complicated) problems that can arise in commercial settings.

The differences between residential and commercial plumbing include:

  • Scale (commercial plumbing systems are often bigger)
  • Complexity (commercial systems often have more varied fixtures, grease traps, urinals, etc.)
  • Timing (commercial projects usually need to be done outside of business hours, and relatively quickly compared to residential projects).

Now that we’ve established that different skill sets and tools are needed for commercial and residential projects, let’s look at some scenarios in which you might need to hire a commercial plumber.

Grease trap installation and maintenance

There are rules that food service establishments (FSEs) must follow, as put forth by the ABCWUA, surrounding the installation and maintenance of grease traps. Basically, grease traps need to be properly sized and cleaned out regularly. This isn’t something that residential plumbers can handle – commercial plumbers, on the other hand, have the tools to safely remove grease from the premises and ensure that your trap is sized correctly.

Plumbing system installation

For those who are either looking to build a new commercial building or to renovate an existing one, commercial plumbers are your best bet. They have the know-how to install plumbing; what’s more, they have experience working and coordinating with other contractors. Renovation and construction must be highly coordinated if you want to get the work done within the allotted time frame; commercial plumbers are a boon for this purpose.

Advice on fixtures and project planning

Business owners, more than their residential counterparts, are looking for ways to save money over time. While a homeowner might not get a lot of value from installing a low-flow toilet in a home they plan on selling in 5 years, commercial businesses see a much better return on investment. Their fixtures are used more frequently, so even a small increase in efficiency can lead to a much better ROI over time.

Commercial plumbers are experts in fixtures, too. They can help you figure out which toilets, urinals, sinks, boilers, and other plumbing-related appliances are the best for your business, and how you can add them to your existing plumbing.

There are all kinds of other scenarios in which you might want a commercial Albuquerque plumber, from emergencies (we’re available 24/7) to preventive maintenance. Have any questions? Give us a call.