Excavation can be an expensive investment. Some people try to save a few dollars where they can by trying to excavate their property on their own with rented equipment. Unfortunately, this can have disastrous consequences. You really should invest in hiring a professional excavation company.


If you have been debating whether to hire a professional commercial construction company to help with your excavation, or to do it yourself, here are a few things you may not have considered: 


Knowledge of Equipment

Most businesses and individuals do not have proper excavation equipment at their disposal. This means they will have to pay some hefty rental fees. However, it goes even deeper than that. Once they rent the equipment, they likely do not have the skills or experience to use it properly. 


A lot of things can go wrong on a construction site, especially when excavation is involved. If you plan to dig deep, there is a chance that the edges of the site can cave in. This means that you and your equipment could fall into the area where you are working. The job could also be more difficult than anticipated. This would require extra work and skill to accomplish the task at hand. 



You never know what might go wrong on a jobsite. If you are doing the work yourself and someone gets injured, who is going to pay for the medical treatment? Chances are that you don’t have insurance that will cover this kind of unexpected expense. 


When you hire a professional excavation company, make sure to select one that has insurance in the event that something goes awry. They should have insurance on their equipment, worker’s compensation for their employees, and more. This can save you some serious money in the event that something goes wrong on the jobsite. 


Handling Surprises

There is always the possibility that your job will not go as well as planned. As you are working on the excavation site, you might encounter hazardous materials, wildlife, pipes, or cables that could interfere with the work you are trying to accomplish. Would you have the experience or the knowledge necessary to handle these surprises if they were to pop up on your jobsite? 


A professional excavation company has experience in handling these situations. They know how to file the proper paperwork, follow safety procedures, and more. If you are doing it yourself, surprises like these may completely derail your project for quite some time. Time is money, and you might spend a lot of time trying to sort out unexpected issues. 


Hiring the Professionals

The truth is that a professional excavation company is a necessity for any job. Attempting to do it yourself may save you money upfront, but it could cost you a lot later. DUB-L-EE can help you with commercial construction in Albuquerque. Give us a call today to learn about our experience and skill!