ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Dub-L-EE Construction, an Albuquerque-based commercial contracting, plumbing, and remodeling company, is preparing to host its annual Safety Day. During this event, the entire company gathers to learn more about safe practices in the construction industry.

Safety is always a priority in the commercial construction industry. Unsafe working conditions or hazardous practices can lead to bodily injury, customer dissatisfaction, and harm to a company’s reputation. Workplaces can avoid accidents and prevent dangerous issues through better training and education. 

Safe work is an ongoing process in the construction industry where learning never stops. To protect its team, this construction company in Albuquerque dedicates a Safety Day each year to review safe work practices. 

On this day, DUB-L-EE shuts down to host an annual Safety Day. The safety manager goes over numerous topics on safety, and guest speakers attend to review various safety subjects. These guest speakers include individuals from the Public Regulation Commission (PRC), Workman’s Comp Insurance, a call center, and other vendors/clients.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to bring the entire company together and go over near misses, accidents, and/or credit individuals and crews,” said Eddie Sr. Saiz, the owner of Dub-L-EE. “We feed them, hand out safety equipment, and just try to enforce safety into our work culture.”

During Safety Day, employees have the opportunity to ask questions about safety incidents that may arise during work, and they can review any accidents that occurred during the year. Having guests speak allows the team to learn new practices and techniques for safer work. Safety Day aims to educate employees about the latest ways to work safely and address concerns of the crew.

Since 2012, Dub-L-EE has provided construction services across Albuquerque. They are a minority-owned and family-operated business. The company provides commercial and government services. All of their general contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured. For more information about the company and the services it provides, visit