ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico:  At DUB-L-EE Construction, located at 98 Highway 66 E., employees will soon be saying goodbye to paper check stubs, policy books, safety manuals, and more.  Financially, environmentally, and efficiency-wise, it’s a move that the company sees as an all-around win.  

Established in the spring of 2012, DUB-L-EE is a father-son success story.  Starting from scratch, Eddie W. Saiz (Sr.) and Eddie J. Saiz (Jr.) have built DUB-L-EE into a thriving commercial construction and utility company over the course of the past decade.  The company is currently the fastest-growing construction contractor in the state of New Mexico and employs 45 experienced workers.  It provides licensed, professional services that include new construction, repairs, and utilities—all to a commercial standard.  

As DUB-L-EE has expanded, Eddie Sr. and Jr. have both invested substantial energy and resources to make the company a great place to work.  Their most recent project involves drastically reducing DUB-L-EE’s paper usage.  “We are trying to streamline our paper processes and provide employees with digital access to documents via the employee web portal instead,” says Saiz Jr.  “This will benefit the employees by having all their documents readily available, make our hiring process more efficient, and save money and time on printing thousands of papers annually.”  

Aside from those benefits and the positive environmental impact, going digital will also allow DUB-L-EE to standardize its training through the use of videos.  The company is currently creating an orientation video that it believes will ensure performance and safety standards are understood and met by new employees.  

Going paperless is a process, but DUB-L-EE is excited to have begun the journey.  Though there will undoubtedly be bumps along the way, Saiz Jr. and Sr. both feel that it’s a worthwhile and important next step for their business.  


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