You might be eager to get started on your next commercial renovation, but it helps to slow down and ensure that everything is in proper order first. A commercial renovation is a huge undertaking that should be handled by professionals for the best outcomes. DUB-L-EE has the experience you need to tackle your current project, but here are a few things you can do to start preparing. 

Set A Budget

How much can your business afford to spend on the upcoming renovation? Before you can start selecting new flooring, updating your kitchenette, or tearing down walls, you need to know just how much money you have to work with. This should be the first step for any company before they even call a contractor for assistance. 

Once a budget is established, a contractor will tell you whether your goals can be accomplished within the financial constraints that you have. 

Set Up A Contingency Fund

Along with this, you may want to set up a separate fund for contingencies. It isn’t uncommon for a project to run over budget or to have unexpected costs pop up. Maybe the appliances you want are out of stock and you have to go with something more expensive. Perhaps your workers will run into issues with the plumbing when tearing down a wall. It will always give you peace of mind if you know that your budget can accommodate unexpected ordeals. 


Most experts recommend that your contingency fund should be about 10 to 20 percent of your total budget. 

Think About Design

You don’t necessarily have to hire an interior designer to guide you through your renovation, but it helps to have some ideas about what you like and don’t like. A design plan allows you to choose the textures and finishes that appeal to you or represent your company well. This is also a good time to make sure that the finishing touches you select are going to be readily available or if they will cause unforeseen delays. 


Not to mention, it helps to know if what you like is something that you can afford based on the budget you set in the last step. Thinking about design might help inform the budget that you set.


Have you checked with the proper authorities to make sure that your renovation is allowed based on local building codes? Before you can start knocking down walls or doing that showroom expansion, you need to ensure that your site is compliant with the county. A good contractor can help you submit all of the necessary paperwork for your permits so that you know you are good to move ahead with your remodel. 

Contact The Professionals 

When you are ready to move forward on your next commercial renovation, you’ll need the help of an expert team of professionals. DUB-L-EE can help you every step of the way from planning to execution. For more information on our commercial renovations, check out our website at