Perma-Liner - Trenchless Pipe Repair


As a Certified Perma-Liner Installer, Dub-L-EE can keep costs lower on pipe repair jobs because there is no need for digging or excavation.

Instead of digging up a pipe and repairing it, Perma-Liner allows us to “re-line” your pipe, creating a new and improved pipe within your old pipe. This will add to the lifespan of your pipe and keep your system safe.

Often, one of the biggest costs of repairing a pipe is the cost of excavation. Save these costs by choosing Perma-Liner with Dub-L-EE.


Dub-L-EE is the first company in New Mexico to use the patented Perma-Liner technology. By using Perma-Liner, we will continue to do the job right the first time, at an even greater value and price than our competitors.

We choose Perma-Liner because it works – it gives our customers improved piping without the costs and hassle of excavations.

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